Take Off – The Flight Simulator


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The tanks have been filled, the luggage has been stored, the cabin crew is standing by – Take Off – The Flight Simulator is ready for boarding! All passengers are now called to proceed to their departure gate, so that their flight can lift off on June 9, 2016.

The dream of flying will at least come virtually true for all airplane fans on iPhone®, iPad® and Android devices with Take Off – The Flight Simulator! Ambitious pilots can climb into the detailed cockpits of 14 realistically recreated planes and take course on the big airports of 21 famous cities such as Paris, New York, Hong Kong or Frankfurt. Depending on the player’s career progress other destinations for business and holidays include London, Moscow, Seoul, Bangkok or even Sydney.

The player starts his career in the free flight mode which will let him explore the eight main islands of Hawaii in a completely open game world. Take Off – The Flight Simulator will also offer exciting and varied missions such as rescue flights, emergency landings, tourist services, cargo flights and many more. Successful missions are rewarded with new flight licenses, which in turn can be used to unlock bigger planes.

New vessels will be added to the player’s own airline bit by bit. These can be sent on flights across the globe via the game’s world map to earn more funds. This enables the captain to upgrade the planes of his fleet for more security and an increase of speed.

An extensive tutorial helps with a successful start into the player’s piloting career by comprehensively explaining each of the gameplay functions and controls to beginners and advanced aviators alike. Additional to the 3D cockpit view there are several more camera angles to be chosen from, which will make the breathtaking landscapes even more enjoyable to the player.

All aircrafts from the single-engine light airplane to the giant jumbo jet can be navigated across the skies either by virtual joystick, slider or motion controls – including take-offs and landings. Here, the pilot should always keep an eye on the weather conditions as rain or fog can turn an otherwise easy landing into a real challenge!

Take Off – The Flight Simulator will be available on June 9, 2016 in the Apple® App Store℠ and on Google Play™.

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