Registering and Tagging all Drones in EU


The lack of regulation and European consensus continues to be a problem for this young and growing industry. It has become so bad that even retailers have become fed up. For this reason is advising all drones to be registered and tagged once purchased.

According to Sam Mulder of, one of Europe’s leading drone retailers. “It’s very easy to purchase a drone now with no restrictions, by tagging and registering the drone you will ensure the drone operator will be held liable for damages caused or any laws broken”

Intelligence agencies are biting their nails when it comes to analyzing potential threats from civilian drones as it’s very hard to locate the operator should something happen, which kind of increases the necessity of a swift solution for this ever expanding problem.

In December 2015 the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) published a formal Technical Opinion on the operation of drones, in 2016 and 2017. It will still take some time before all European countries agree on the conditions and the implementation of it.

The EASA suggests self-registration which means local authorities are dependable on whether the operator will register the drone or not after purchase. “We think retailers like can play a vital role in the registration and tagging when a drone is purchased, this way you make sure each drone is registered before flying, hence ensuring the safety of civilians everywhere in Europe

Until a law is passed which all EU countries have to abide to one can only hope the amount of incidents are limited.

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