Thursday, October 21, 2021

Limited production run of Millswood Fail Safes for the Outback Challenge

An updated version of the Millswood Engineering Failsafe is about to have a pilot production run. There are many new features, but one of the main additions as far as the OBC is concerned is geofencing.

The new Failsafe FTD has 2 independent geofences, each with up to 50 vertices plus min and max altitude limits. Each geofence can have multiple perimeters and multiple exclusion zones within each perimeter. Configuration of the geofences is done by drawing on a map or pasting a list of coordinates into the supplied configuration software.

If any teams are planning using this device for the OBC contact Andrew ([email protected]).

This is not a commitment to do anything, but would be helpful to get the numbers right for the pilot production run.

There is no price set for this product yet, but there will be a significant discount for OBC entrants.