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“Learn how to Earn” Patrick Egan’s Presentation at the sUSB Expo 2016

Patrick Egan 2016 expo presentation sUAS News YouTube Thumbnail
Patrick Egan presenting at the Small Unmanned Business Exposition 2016

Patrick Egan presents at the sUSB expo, with a brief intro on the Silicon Valley Drone Show, then speaks on the topic of public relations in drones, ethics, and intellectual honesty in the drone industry. Mr Egan’s presentation aptly covers the issues over the wild claims and hype the drone industry generates.

Topics also covered in this presentation are QA/QC, the hype cycle and technology adoption rates,  global harmonization, science based integration, small business and jobs. Mr Egan’s presentation is a must watch for those new comers in the drone industry, as well as those long time participants looking for new direction.

Patrick’s Presentation starts at time code 4:25



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