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Hawk GS 1000 Professional Solar UAV

Eleven years of experience counts. Systems provided by Hawkeye have moved with the times taking advantage of new sensors, materials and technology. Previous systems were embedded into either military or commercial markets for long periods to establish baselines of viability and operational performance. The new HAWK GS 1000 is a response to trends in the market and new exciting technologies such as 3D virtual world capture and solar panels.

Hawk GS1000

Multiple sensor configurations including dual camera oblique for 3d capture.

Easy to assemble with no tools required.

Simple hand launch.

Parachute recovery.

Water resistant pitot tube.

Internal airflow cooling for hot weather operations.

New Lithium Ion technology with 40% increased  capacity.

Strobe light for increased visibility.

All models capable of solar panel retrofit.

Differential GPS for accurate camera positions.

Rugged kevlar carbon fibre construction.

5.2 kg.

2.9m wingspan.

96 watts  from solar panels in ideal conditions

Delivered in standard Pelican 1770 case.

Full documentation.

Access to premium image processing support.

Cruise at 60-65 Km/hr.

Range from ground control 30 Km +

Lift soaring capability to increase endurance.

Flight safety features:

-self test,

-dynamic range and battery status,

-return to home

-independent parachute release with total power loss.

Multiple Ground Control station capable.

Mission Simulator.
Terrain aware footprint to ensure acquistion integrity.

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