Robota Eclipse

Robota, LLC is eager to announce the release of the Eclipse UAV mapping system. This fully automated vehicle leverages the versatility of the Goose, a custom autopilot developed in house by Robota, and fills a void in fixed wing mapping solutions by providing high resolution payload options in a portable 3-piece wing with short field landing capabilities.

The Eclipse UAV can carry two different payloads, Sony RX100 and the MicaSense RedEdge camera, both with automated geo-referencing. These options enable users to solve unique needs in many areas of mapping. Verticals for fixed wing UAVs are: agriculture mapping, construction, powerlines, surveying, geology, topography, surveillance and search and rescue missions.

Robota’s employees thrive on problem solving, making the best, most efficient and reliable products in the marketplace. Bring your needs and challenges to us, and we will bring you options and solutions. We believe in the value of relationships and focus on being not only a provider for our clients, but also a resource.

Robota, LLC is headquartered in Texas and proudly makes all products in the United States. Robota has been a leading provider for autopilot and UAV hardware for over five years and is constantly working on new cutting edge technology. Visit to learn about all of the products and services offered. For more information on the functionality, versatility or scope of the Eclipse, UAV please contact Domenica Liska at [email protected].

Eclipse UAV

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