Thursday, October 21, 2021

Airservices Australia Releases Operational Concept for RPAS


Airservices Australia is on the front foot with the release of its concept for remotely piloted aircraft operations around controlled aerodromes. Senior Advisor for Safety Programs at Airservices Australia, Mr Mark Rossiter announced the release of the concept document at the AAUS CivSec 2016 Conference.

Airservices Australia describes the operational concept document “As an important step to the integration of RPAS within controlled airspace operations, … which details our approach to the management of unmanned operations and forms the basis of current and future developments by which we intend to foster growth in the RPAS sector.”

Mr Rossiter said it was all about making “RPAS operations routine business for Airservices”, and the intent was to provide RPAS “with greater access to airspace safely and efficiently.”

Download the operational concept document by clicking the image, visit the Airservices Australia webpage for more information, or follow the conversation on Twitter at #knowyourdrone