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Abortion Drone; flight to Northern Ireland


The Abortion Drone is a collaboration between Alliance for Choice; Rosa; Labour Alternative and Women on Waves. It is an all-island act of solidarity between women in the north and the south to highlight the violation of human rights caused by the existing laws that criminalise abortion in both the north and south of Ireland except in very limited circumstances.

The Abortion drone will mark the different reality for Irish women to access safe abortion services compared to women in other European countries where abortion is legal.

The different laws in both countries allow for a drone to fly abortion pills lawfully from the South to the North.

The drone will start its journey at 10.00 AM near Cornamucklagh House at the R173 road in Ireland. After the abortion drone flight, there will be a protest in front of the Court of Appeal in Belfast at 2.30 pm when the appeal regarding the decision by the High Court that Northern Ireland’s abortion law breaches the European Convention on Human Rights will be heard.


For more information:

Alliance for Choice
Spokes person:  Emma Campbell: +447894063965

Labour Alternative
Spokes person: Courtney Robinson: +44- 7470047524

[email protected]
Spokes person:  Rita: +353872995484
[email protected]
Women on Waves                                      

or [email protected]

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