Crowdfunding:- Rescue Robotics

Natural disasters are on the increase, fuelled by climate change, while at the same time Emergency Services already struggle to keep up with their existing work. These brave people are challenged everyday not just by the work itself but also by an organisational system that is increasingly asked to find better solutions with less funding. The strain is enormous, both on the people and the organisational system behind them. It is obvious, particularly to those of us who work in the Emergency Response sector, that we need  to find a better way to deal with the growing wave of need. We need to be more innovative.

The Rescue Robotics System is our solution. It’s not just about cool looking drone aircraft, it’s about utilising new technology and fusing it with a new way to organise and deliver capability to all Emergency Services. This technology needs to be robust and reliable, able to operate in all weather, in remote locations and independent of the damaged infrastructure of a disaster zone,  24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It also needs to be integrated into a holistic system of information acquisition , relief organisation and response, not just as an “add-on” tool but as a powerful cog that enables a dynamic, new approach to Emergency Event Response.