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JOUAV/CW-10 Electric Hybrid VTOL Fixed-wing UAV

Separate Lift Thrust (SLT) is becoming a thing another entrant from Chinese company JOUAV. Take note of the Outback Challenge this year there are several aircraft of this type entering.

JOUAV is committed to R&D ,production and sale of high-reliable and high-performance UAV autopilot system and avionics.

CW-10 Electric hybrid VTOL fixed-wing UAV features hybrid configuration of combining the characteristics of fixed-wing and multi-rotors UAV, such as vertical takeoff and landing, long endurance time, high speed and long-range

For aerial mapping, aerial surveying, aerial photography, aerial surveillance, power line inspection.

Key Features

1.Hybrid configuration design of fixed wing UAV and rotors UAV
2.Featuring long endurance time , high speed, long range and large payload
3.Vertical takeoff and landing does not requires airport to take off
4.RTK GPS module for high precision vertical and horizontal positioning
5.Fully autonomously flight through professional flight contorl and GCS system

Length 1.6m Take-off /Landing VTOL
Wingspan 2.6m Endurance 90min
MGTOW 12kg Wind Up to 11m/s
Cruise Speed 72km/h Communication Control >30km
Max. Speed 108km/h Payload 1-2kg
Power Battery

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