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Altavian, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful completion of its first Launch Partner program. Unveiled this spring as part of the Nova F7200 pre-launch, this exclusive program invites qualified participants to be the first to fly the latest Altavian drones.

The program takes place at Altavian headquarters in North Florida and gives participants hands-on training with Altavian engineers and flight crews who designed the new aircraft. It also gives Launch Partners access to additional after-sale support programs designed to ensure rapid success with the new product.

“We have a tremendous community of customers who have always been integral in our new product development process,” cites Altavian Chief Production Officer, Thomas Reed. “Our focus on the customer doesn’t end with the sale and the customers who take part in Launch Partner are highly integrated into our support processes.”

With each new product release, the Launch Partner program is available for a limited time to a limited number of qualified customers. ISight RPV Services of West Fargo, North Dakota was one of the first Nova F7200 Launch Partners, attending a private, four-day training session in March 2016. “The program gave our pilots a chance to become immersed in the newest Altavian technology,” said ISight cofounder Adam Lingwall. “ISight pilots had been trained on the previous model Nova, yet the opportunity to get in-person training with the folks at Altavian was quite valuable.”

Nobles Consulting Group Inc was one of the final participants and is in the final stages of the Pilot Proficiency Program; the new accidental damage coverage that takes care of all repairs and maintenance during the first month of post-training flights. “Altavian has been instrumental in supporting our UAS operation and getting us off the ground,” stated Allen Nobles, President of NCG “These programs are designed to support those of us who are actively working with customers and doing real work with UAS.”

Altavian will be releasing its next Launch Partner program in July with the release of the new Galaxy™ R8700 octocopter. Those interested in participating should contact Kevin Choate, Altavian Sales Manager at 855.325.8284.

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