X-Mapper PPK GNSS precision multicopter

Placing and processing ground control points for centimeter accurate data is expensive, slow and can be hazardous in some locations. And the RTK and PPK drone solutions out there are overpriced and most of them require 2-5 days of expensive training, not mentioning the travel arrangements.   And most clients’ projects just can’t wait.

Applied Airborne Inc. comes with a clever and very easy to use drone solution, with optional PPK GNSS upgrade for those precision projects, and best of all, at a very reasonable price.  Also available with optional RGB, NIR and Thermal swappable sensors are available. The X-Mapper is the perfect weapon to fight all the fronts.

X-Mapper features

Fully autonomous waypoint navigation with complete ground control station

Extremely easy to operate. User Manuals, online & phone assistance available

PPK GNSS dual frequency GPS receiver available. Up to 2cm accuracy with no ground control points (GPCs)

24 Mp RGB camera, Multiespectral NIR and Thermal sensors. Hot Swappable
Surveys up to 160 acres @ 2cm/pixel in a single flight
Up to 30 min endurance
Fully gimballed payloads, vertical or oblique

2D & 3D Orthomosaics
Agriculture, NDVI & Crop Management
Point Cloud
Inspection, Surveying, Mapping, Aerial Photography

About Applied Airborne Inc.

The team at Applied Airborne has more than 20 years of combined experience in the industry of mapping and unmanned aerial vehicles. The first product, the X-Mapper has been exhaustively flight tested and developed for more than 2 years prior to its launch date.

The team behind Applied Airborne Inc. already has been successfully operating another UAV manufacturing related business for years, manufacturing and selling fixed wing drones in more than 50 countries.
You are backed by a professional team that will honor its commitment to walk the extra mile, in order to provide you the best possible tool out there for professional image acquisition, as well as speedy world class customer service.

For more information please visit www.appliedairborne.com or email at [email protected]