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Qualified aeronautical engineers with over 30 years experience in operational aviation, developing aviation equipment based operational capabilities. Our experience is in delivering high availability capabilities for operationally critical services. Commercial application of Drones requires an aircraft system that is cost effective, and to operate at a profit. Similar to Defence and Security capabilities, commercial operation is reliant on the system’s availability, reliability and sustainability to be successful.

With this foundation in operational aviation, in early 2009 we began to develop our specialist knowledge and experience in the commercial use of Drones and their systems to satisfy equipment capability requirements. In 2010, we were one of the first UK operators in UK to obtain the UK CAA permission to operate commercially, now referred to as a Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW).


We are focused on the delivery of cost effective support and promotion of customer’s safe and legal use of Drones.

We are able to support customers in a range of areas:

• Buying a Drone

– Introduction to Drones for Commercial Use
– Introduction to Safe & Legal Use Of Drones
– Introductory Drone experience
– Introduction to Drone Acquisition

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• Drone Service Development

– Understanding your Drone
– Developing a Drone Maintenance Schedule
– Developing your Safety Management System and Operating Procedures
– Developing your  initial and continuation Training Plan

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• Drone In Service Support

– Independent Pilot Assessment
– Independent Operating Procedures Review
– Scheduled Maintenance Support
– Rectification Maintenance Support
– Updates Support
– Fault Diagnosis Support.

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• Aerial Images / Surveys By Drone

– Aerial Scouting
– Aerial Mapping
– Aerial Stills & Video

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Consultancy Pricing – Our consultancy support is usually delivered under firm priced work packages. This can be tailored to a customer’s budget including – by the hour, or by the 1/2 day and by the full day. Periods can be over months using an agreed resource limit of liability/budget.

Aerial Survey Pricing – Aerial surveys are charged by the flight quantity and by the time to plan/prepare, fly and deliver outputs.

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