XLRS eXtended Long Range System D2 -up to 200km range!


A Professional Long Range system ideal for projects. The 3rd generation of Long Range Systems professional from DMD and one of the best systems Long Range Radio Control with integrated video.

Radio Control Ranges from 20 to 200Km or more, depending of the XLRS serie (D2, D3 or D4) and of the characteristics of the RC model andantennas that will be used.The XLRS system works in the ISM band (Industrial Scientific and Medical) of 866Mhz (Europe) and 960Mhz (America) for Radio Control Long Range and analog Video System uses 2.4Ghz.It can be used for all types of models: RPAS, VANT, UAVS, UUV, UGV, ROV, USV, ASV, Aircraft, Helicopters, Cars, Boats, etc\