Weekly Video News Roundup

Weekly Video News Roundup

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The main headline in this week’s video news roundup is, of course, DHL’s successful completion of a 3-month trial delivering actual customer packages using a tilt-wing UAS in the mountains and mountain weather of Germany’s Bavaria region.

Another big news story of the week is 333 Exemption holder Montico, Inc.’s announcement this week that they have been awarded a significant contract from AT&T to do aerial inspections and surveying of telecommunication towers across the United States. Well done Montico.

Have a look at the various videos in the playlist, there are a few interesting recent developments covered.

There is a lot being said out there about the various ‘delivery drones’ development by different players such as Amazon, UPS and other, but DHL seems to have taken some very serious steps towards getting ready for this segment of the UAS market. From the obviously high-quality professional level design of their aircraft itself, Parcelcopter 3, to building the so-called Parcelcopter Skyport station (with automatic acceptance, loading and unloading of payloads as well as weather protection) and working with local government and aviation authorities to get the trials done, DHL are not taking any nonsense it seems, this was not just a publicity stunt.

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