Vloggers with Drones, good or bad thing. Discuss…

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I have spent a weekend in the world of 30 somethings that impress teens and 20 somethings.

This morning I even found another vlogger with more than one million subscribers. Between three vloggers they have more than 4 million subscribers. All of them have one thing in common, the Phantom.

Watch the playlist until the end to get a handle on where these folks are flying.youtube subs

Compare and contrast their subscribers to the handful of viewers the aviation authorities that I have found have.

I am too old really to have an opinion. I come from a traditional commercial flying and air traffic background. Something tells me intuitively the carrot really will work better than the stick in this case.

These folks are talented film makers and the drone is just a tool in the box.

They represent end users who will be doing lots of flying. Maybe they should sit at the regulatory table. In some ways they are more invested in regulatory outcomes than the big box vendors.

Now please join the people already flaming me on YouTube and once I press publish on this in other spots as well!

Lets have your opinions and I am keen to know what the community think the greatest danger from an sUAS is.




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