Dr Tad McGeer Wins sUAS Industry Leadership Award


By Kirk Elton Greninger

Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition 2016, San Francisco.

On the behalf of the readership and the sUAS community Tad McGeer was recognized at the sUSB Expostion 2016 for his leadership in the development of innovative technologies in small commercial UAS. Dr. McGeer has constantly striven to develop technologies through the creation of Arovel and with the Insitu group, when you look up first unmanned transatlantic flight you will find Tad Mcgeer (1998).

Small Unmanned systems of Dr. McGeers design are leading the industry, and his willingness to share and encourage the highly competitive market is much appreciated. The editorial staff at sUAS News is proud to add Dr. McGeer into the ranks of the Leaders of the sUAS industry and recognize all his hard work. We Wish him continued success in his various projects and look forward to hearing his insights next year.