333 Exemption Americas

Drone Co-Habitation Services (DCS) is proud to announce

In the public interest, on 22 April 2016 the FAA has Granted DCS with one of the broadest Section-333 Exemption/Waivers in industry for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), thus far. With Exemption Number 16513, the FAA Waiver Grants our company:

1.      Nationwide Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA);
2.      Flight within other ATO Airspaces with approval of the ATO Organization-issued COA;
3.      Flight At-or-Below 400-Feet Above Ground Level (AGL), and at speeds not to exceed 100mph;
4.      Approval to fly…not only the top Eleven (11) Models of Commercial Fixed Wing and Rotary UAS worldwide (which we applied for)…but also Grants us Approval to fly any of the other Eleven Hundred and Fifty (1150)-UAS models listed on the FAA Docket FAA-2007-3330, that weigh less than 55-Pounds (including payload).
5.      FAA Grants DCS a Waiver to operate UAS-Drones for the following industries and activities:

•       Research & Development (R&D);
•       Platform and System Testing & Trials;
•       Generating Community Economic Benefit;
•       Create new UAV systems;
•       Developing flight operations, and standardizing procedures that will move UAV activity into human daily life;
•       Conducting aerial video and photography of surface mining sites
•       Construction sites;
•       Residential and commercial real estate, civil landscapes;
•       Closed-set Movie and Picture Filming & Cinematography, over certain other areas of the United States;
•       Agriculture; Collecting aerial and sensory data to be used in support of precision agriculture applications; Field Management & Agronomy;
•       Traffic monitoring, environmental monitoring; meteorological services & research;
•       Search/rescue operations; Firefighting services;
•       Customs payload scanning;
•       Law Enforcement; Immigration enforcement;
•       Pipeline/power lines monitoring;
•       Sport casting;
•       Cellular networking;
•       Mapping and Inspection Operations
•       Fisheries monitoring, and
•       Entertainment & Events

DCS company is currently a Participant in NASA-UAS Traffic Management (UTM), Technology Level-2 Program and will fly sample UAV-Drones, under realistic industrial scenarios and maneuvers, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) for the Trials. We will use FAA-Registered UAV-Drones that will pass an Airworthiness & Flight Safety Review Board (AFSRB), and have already been issued an FAA N-Number (just like manned aircraft).

DCS is currently Petitioning FAA for Section-333 Exemption (Modification) that will allow our company to fly Night-Time Operations, and considering how to apply for further Section-333 Exemption to fly our UAV-Drones in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) under Instrument Flight Rules-IFR.

DCS company is currently working with industry partners and Academia on the design of our proprietary Regional UAV-Drone Command & Control (C2) Centers, and our national Network Operations Center-NOC. In mid-term, DCS will then commence our methodical, nationwide rollout of UAV-Drone Services covering all-industry Private & Public Operations. For more information, please contact DCS at [email protected]

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