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Be careful who you lift content from, Xiaomi Mi drone promotional found footage.


Nicking footage is not really on for many reasons. Using it to promote a new drone, as if it was taken from that drone. Well that’s just not cricket. (Deliberately confusing term for my American friends)

YouTube user Sami Luo who claimed to have the official launch video included a still image from of all people an ex FAA lawyer!

Loretta Alkalay flies drones and we have used her images in the sUAS Guide, they are excellent!

Loretta served for 30 years as an FAA aviation attorney she now teaches Drone Law at Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology. It was a bit like taking a knife to a gunfight for Sami Luo.

Sami Luo tells us that the Verge has featured his video. Sadly for Sami they are no longer. A senior editor having pulled the video.

We doubted that Sami really was from Xiaomi and reached out to them.

Kaylene Hong PR spokesperson responded
Indeed this person “Sami Luo” is NOT related to Xiaomi. He took our official video, and of his own accord inserted an additional still image/thumbnail to our video.

Loretta’s image was from one of her DJI multirotors. The very company the media is telling us Xiaomi is trying to compete against.

Seems to me gentle reader that reviews from trusted sources like FliteTest should be awaited before purchase.

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