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Precise positioning system for UAVs


Australian firm Klau Geomatics is now producing PPK (Post Processed Kinematic) GNSS positioning systems for drones and light manned aerial mapping systems. The system provides accurate camera locations for mapping from UAVs, which reduces the need for surveyed ground control to produce accurate DTMs and orthophotos from photogrammetry.

PPK is similar to RTK GPS but without the need for a radio link. Accuracies of 25mm XY and 50mm Z are achievable. Data is logged in the UAV and processed with base station data after the flight. PPK offers greater flexibility in operations, is more reliable, operates over a larger range, is more accurate, is less prone to GPS signal blockage and won’t lose correction data/initialisation with radio link outages, common with UAV flight dynamics. The PPK system mitigates these problems and results in a larger percentage of highly accurate (fixed ambiguity solution) camera positions being determined. As the PPK system requires no radio receiver it reduces weight in the UAV.

The system is compatible with most quality cameras and logs photo events via the camera hot shoe or PC port.

The system consists of a high quality GNNS board, micro-SD data logger, camera PC or hot-shoe connector and active GNSS antenna.

Power consumption 1.5 W. Weight 100g.

Post Processing Software is included in the package to produce highly accurate camera positions relative to a locally established GNSS base station or CORS reference station.

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