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Lots of hype for the XiaoMi drone launch


XiaoMi launched their drone live streaming to a purpose built app. Comments piled up as excitement mounted. First off experienced drone driver Lin Yang told us to be careful out there and then CEO of XiaoMi, Jun Lei reveals the new drone and the comments went wild.

Bloomberg had the price wide of the mark at $610, the 4k version coming out in July will retail for in the order of $460 .

The Mi drone is inspired by a dragonfly… And all design and functions are similar with DJI…Their goal is to do a cheap and easy to use drone… The FlyMi has two versions:

1. 1080P (May 26) 2499rmb,about $400
2. 4k(July) 2999rmb, about $500…

There is a Point to Fly function, point it at the screen, and the drone will fly what you planed.

Endurance: 27 mins

3-axis gimbal
Sony 12.4-megapixel sensor

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