Webinar: Technology to improve UAS pilot situational awareness



On Wednesday April 20th at 2pm EST, Kongsberg Geospatial, a software company that produces geospatial visualization software for air traffic control and defense applications, is holding a webinar with Dr. Allison Ferguson, Director – Research and Education Partnerships from PrecisionHawk and Mr.James Power, Air Vehicle Operator for the County of Renfrew Paramedic Service, to discuss their own experiences using Situational Awareness Display technology during flight trials.

Integrating technologies to monitor and display other drones, aircraft, airspace, obstacles and terrain will be critical to enabling UAV operators to gain regulatory approval to conduct commercial operations at extended and beyond visual Line of Sight EVLOS and BVLOS). Recent flight trials of the display have demonstrated the integration of PrecisionHawks’ “Low Altitude Tracking and Avoidance System,” or LATAS, an onboard flight-planning system that transmits drone location to nearby cell towers. The cell towers, in turn, can communicate drone location to other aircraft and to air traffic controllers. Flight trials of the technology with the County of Renfrew Paramedic Service demonstrated real-time cueing of rescue resources based upon the situational awareness display.

Attendance for the webinar is limited, signup below for more information and to confirm attendance!

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