FPV racing at Farnborough 2016


Already the worlds largest drone event with live flying demonstrations happening during the show, in front of crowds of 75,000 people. Stands with manufacturers from around the world and all the grown up flying to boot. They now introduce drone racing! Farnborough is the one to watch and very much inline with the UK’s progressive aviation authority’s RPA integration plan. Very wise to embrace unmanned aircraft ahead of the crowd.

Americans must wonder what they need to do to catch up.

If you want to practice for the FPV event you can. British games developer Drone Simulation have come to the party with a sim.

Well done to all involved.

At this years Farnborough International Airshow 2016 (16th & 17th of July) the UK’s most inspiring FPV drone pilots will be competing to become the ‘UK Drone Racing Masters Champion’ of 2016. In collaboration with the UK Drone Show and Farnborough International you can now fly the track in your sim and compete in the global leaderboard competition

Register below to take part in this online leaderboard sim event, your best times will be posted to the online leaderboard, winners will be announced at the end of the event period. The track will be available in your sim when the leaderboard opens on 18-Apr-2016 at 00:00 GMT.

Note: This event requires a personal licence for the FPV Event PE simulation software (click here for more info)

Just found out a picture from my 2010 flights FIA which was not as exciting as this racing will be. All I dared do was a circle. My mate Tim chucking, 35 Mhz radios ! Ah happy days. Aeryon Labs flew their quad. Mike from flying Scotscam had an Asctec Falcon 8 out. The fanwing and the very nice folks from Bluebear flew.If you just read American sites it was all before RPA were invented ;-)

Bit of video from back then.

We had to demo to be accepted to fly in the main display. They still have these flying demonstrations for manufacturers.