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sUAS Guide 2016 Q1 Update Magazine

sUAS Guide 2016 Q1 Update Article

Today we published the sUAS Guide 2016 Q1 Update magazine, this is an update issue between main issues of sUAS Guide, with issue 2 coming out in early July 2016.

In this update:

– We cover some US regulatory issues, in the form of the FAA Micro UAS ARC and the related Final Recommendations report
– Introducing our new interactive and searchable world map covering the international commercial drone market, with authorized commercial drone operators from the UK, Australia, South Africa and Ireland joining the US 333 exemption holders
– Upgraded USA drone map
– Drone Cards
– US Drone (N) Registrations Statistics
– 333 Exemption statistics
– List of 333 Exemption Holders sorted by State
– List of international commercially authorized operators

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2016 Q1 Update –

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Issue 1, January 2016 –

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Issue 1 – January 2016
Q1 Update 2016 –

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Issue 1 – January 2016

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2016 Q1 Update

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Tiaan Roux
Tiaan Roux
CIO, sUAS News | "My interest in UAS began in 2006 in the Masai Mara, Kenya where I was working as a bush pilot and met Gary Mortimer. I have always loved computers, maps, aerial photos and any kind of flying thing so the UAS addiction quickly took hold. Since then my interest in these technologies has grown from just an interest to building and flying small UAS as well as getting involved with sUAS News."