Americas FAA

DJI, Parrot, 3DR depart small UAV coalition


An unexpected turn, major players DJI,Parrot,3DR have left along with GoPro who well yeah meh. What does this mean for the small UAV Coalition moving forward. Will PrecisionHawk and Kespry stick around.

Speaking to USA today Adam Lisberg, spokesman for DJI Technology had this to say

“We consider the Small UAV Coalition to be allies and friends. But the business is growing so big that we thought we would most benefit form a group focused on the issues that are important to small drone manufacturers and our customers”

Lets hope the new group whenever its formed sends people with not only aviation knowledge but a clear understanding of what has happened to date with UAS in the NAS integration  to FAA meetings.

The FAA is due to announce shortly something on the sub 2kg thing, I wonder if this move is related.

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