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The PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL starts in Germany – International Drone Film Festival with grand final in Italy November 2016


  • The french car manufacturer PEUGEOT launches in Germany a drone film festival with european destinations.
  • Together with the german branch of DJI INNOVATIONS and the Tuscany Resort CASTELFALFI the PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL 2016 will honor the best drones films in four categories.
  • Three best contributions of each category will be invited to europe for a grand final and a workshop at the Tuscany Resort Castelfalfi in Italy.
  • The winner gets for six weeks everything for the perfect drone movie in europe: two PEUGEOT Traveller MPVs with six individual seats in luxury assembly, a complete DJI drone set and 5,000 EURO cash for travel expences.

The drones movie becomes more and more to a special and amazing cinema-genre. The PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL will give now this genre a special platform and podium in Germany and Europe.

Four categories were created by PEUGEOT together with DJI INNOVATIONS Germany and festival director Marie Bäumer to address drone filmers and picture aesthetics: “Landscape” for landscape and architectural films, “Sports” for action-packed shots, “Story Telling” for the perspective to develop narrative elements by using a film drone and the freestyle category “IMPRESS YOURSELF” which stands for Dronies and self-impressions. PEUGEOT Marketing Director Lukas Dohle had this category deliberately introduced to open the PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL also newcomers. The categories are complemented by a fifth, the Joker category which will not be part of the competition, but best of this will get also an inivitation to the final in Italy.

Since March 15, 2015 can pilots upload their competition entries to the Festival website, all information about the festival and the latest Festival entries will be presented for international submissions on the homepage . The deadline for sending submissions ends on September 16, 2016, the best participants will be invited in November to a grand final in Italy, at the Tuscany Resort CASTELFALFI.

In CASTELFALFI will be the best filmmakers honored and gets a three days DJI drone workshop with the best pilots in the world, accompanied by a directors workshop of Marie Bäumer. For this workshop will exclusively be blocked an area of 1.100 hectares with wineries, valleys, forests and a full entire italian village with a 1.000 years old castle, creating for the best participants the heaven for drone filming.

The PEUGEOT DRONE FILM FESTIVAL 2016: Peugeot, one of the biggest car manufacturers in europe, intensifies with the festival its commitment to film and television producers and builds a bridge between technology and art together with its partners DJI and Castelfalfi. The winner will be invited to europe and gets for six weeks everything he need for the perfect drone movie: two PEUGEOT Traveller MPVs with six individual seats in the luxury assembly, a complete DJI drone set and 5,000 EURO (exchange rate April 2016 = USD 5.600) cash for travel expences.


March 15, 2016 – September 16, 2016 Submit a Film

October 15, 2016 – Presentation of the “Jury Selection”

November 27 – 27, 2016 Workshop for the best participants in Castelfalfi, Italy

November 27, 2016 – Final and award ceremony in Castelfalfi, Italy



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