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Leading Drone Law/UAS Practice Group to Speak at sUSB Expo


Jeffrey Antonelli, founder of one of the premier Drone/UAS Practice Groups in the U.S., will be speaking at the Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo 2016 (Silicon Valley Drone Show) in San Francisco, Calif. April 27-29. Chicago-based Antonelli Law provides Section 333 and Public COA services for commercial clients in a wide range of industries; including engineering, construction, telecom concerns, GIS professionals, cinematographers, and real estate companies. The seasoned team of aviation specialists and drone law experts at Antonelli Law also advise clients on complex aviation needs, digital privacy, tax, contracts, intellectual property, employment law and civil litigation.

A member of AUVSI, Antonelli will provide business and legal advice for drone users. Focusing on drone regulations at the federal, state, and local levels, Antonelli will discuss the progression and trajectory of Section 333 as well as the preemption argument and zoning limitations associated with local drone ordinances across the U.S. With 15 years of civil litigation experience and two years as an attorney specializing in drone law, Antonelli is a leader in the constantly-evolving world of drone use and legal regulation. Antonelli Law is also the first law firm in the U.S. to offer discounted legal services through DJI’s Professional User Referral Program.

The Silicon Valley Drone Show is a gathering of thought leaders and industry experts who come together to lead thought-provoking discussions and offer informative, real-world solutions so businesses can harness the power of UAS/UAVs.

Who: Jeffrey Antonelli, owner of Antonelli Law’s Drone/UAS Practice Group

When: April 27, 2016 at 1:30 p.m.

Where: The Golden Gate Club at the Presidio, 135 Fisher Loop, San Francisco, CA 94129

What: The Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo 2016 (Silicon Valley Drone Show)

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