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Changes at the top, free sUAS Guide Q1 update


Coming out this weekend (hopefully) our quarterly stats update. This time commercial operators from Australia, South Africa, Ireland and the UK join our map and listings. With of course 333 holders from the USA.

It looks like the FAA have indeed increased the rate at which they are approving 333’s

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This is the most comprehensive free list of commercial drone operators worldwide on the web.

Also included our N register stats update.

As a teaser one of my favourite companies, Ascending Technologies makes a leap to #4 in the chart with 127 airframes. Amazing what Intel can do ;-)

They are only just behind #3 PrecisionHawk with 134 and #2 3DR at 197. DJI is still well ahead with 1805 N registered platforms.

Here’s the AscTec leap (a company that was around before the other three and is the most popular inspection brand in Europe)


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