Certified Training Institutes Offers The First sUAS Course for Commercial Certification Online as Proposed FAA rule change simplifies legal sUAS flight for millions

FAA Part 107
Williamsburg, Michigan –   Certified Training Institutes (CTI) now offers the only sUAS course designed to get you FAA certified to operate your small UAS for commercial activity – legally! No more FAA 333 exemption – No more Private pilot license!
With over 2 million drones expected to be sold in 2016, this new technology has inspired many people to explore the possibility of flying sUAS’s for the purpose of making money. The path to legal flight for commercial purposes has been daunting, due to the FAA requirements of a 333 exemption which mandates the applicant possess a pilot’s license. All that has changed with Certified Training Institutes new sUAS (Drone) Technology course.
The news that the FAA is about to change the rules for legal flight (as early as this summer) has the industry buzzing with anticipation. The new rules would simplify how an individual can legally fly commercially.
The requirements will be as follows:
  1. Pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test
  2. Pass a TSA Background check
  3. Register their aircraft
CTI offers a condensed course specifically designed to integrate sUAS operations into the following categories:
Controlled Airspace
Federal Aviation Regulations
Aviation Decision Making (ADM) & Aeromedical

Offering 6 hours of instruction in 5 easy-to-understand classes, the aim of this course is to prepare the individual to pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test which is expected to be made available within 6 months after the passage of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act is signed into law (expected in July 2016). Two 50-question FAA Aeronautical Knowledge sample tests are available to prepare the individual for the test when it becomes available by the FAA later this year.

This long awaited development is exactly what is needed, and completely changes the process for millions who have been waiting to fly legally.  No FAA 333 Exemption, and no private pilot’s license is needed. Course cost: $150 to prep for the passage of the FAA written test.
“Finally, a condensed course designed specifically for the sUAS operator that will prepare them to not only pass the FAA Aviation Knowledge test, but get them legally certified with proper FAA credentials. They’ll no longer need an FAA 333 exemption or a pilot’s license. Anyone over the age of 17 can take the test, even those with disabilities as we are working to bring closed captioning to those with certain disabilities.”   
G. MacMaster, Instructor, Certified Training Institute, Certified CDEI Instructor, FAA Approved sUAS Instructor, 
Our instructor is an FAA FAASTeam member who is qualified in Aeronautical Knowledge for sUAS (Drone) integration.
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