Blue Whale Fire Fighter


Not too sure what to make of this one, a sort of natural extension of crop dusting drones.

The payload vision has shot up, 100kg or rather 100 (ish) litres of fire retardant. On the face of it not a bad idea, quickly getting to the heart of a difficult to reach fire.

The drones reason for being, dangerous, dirty and dull.

Also from a company that has made a really nice, toy class hexacopter that my son enjoys flying. So not like some crowd funding campaigns from folks that have built nothing.

Amazing that folks have not leapt onto this like they do with GoPro class projects. Nine days to go on Indiegogo and no funding. Lets just park this here to remind ourselves when somebody else suddenly invents the concept for the first time.

We will fight fire the goes off on higher floors of tall buildings and skyscrapers. After the recent fire in Dubai on the New Year’s Eve, where the Address Hotel almost burned to the ground, the Abu Dhabi National Fire Agency approached to us in search of firefighting solution at higher altitudes. After long and thorough discussions on the both theoretical and technological bases, we have decided to develop a UAV that will be able to carry out 100 kilograms of payload, and reach any floor needed. With the UAV that will carry 100 kilograms of payload (water) we will be able to save incredible number of lives, decrease the national expenditures that go for hefty firefighting equipment and provide the safest environment for our brave firefighters. The UAVs are the future and that future is very near.–13#/