Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Bird Eye Drones is Helping to Build the World’s Third Largest Dam in Brazil


Brazil is building the world’s third largest hydroelectric dam on the Xingu River, a tributary of the Amazon. When complete in 2019, the Belo Monte Dam will generate 11,233 megawatts of electricity and distribute it throughout the country for both residential and commercial use.

Brazil’s rapid economic growth over the last decade has created large demand for new sources of energy. Today, 46% of the country’s energy comes from renewable sources, and hydroelectric sources produce over 85% of its electrical energy.

The Belo Monte Dam will be one of the world’s largest, behind only the Three Gorges Dam in China and the Brazilian- Paraguayan Itaipu Dam.

Drones Make a Positive Impact – Since construction began in 2011, a key consideration of the project has been the environmental impact to the Brazilian rainforest and social impact to 40,000 indigenous environmental impacts, especially those related to erosion and drainage, monitor environmental recovery activities, and oversee the overall project from an environmental and social perspective.

Bird Eye CEO, Mauricio Gonzaga, says “We are conducting daily flights in Belo Monte, mapping the whole dam project and generating data that is used by environmental and forestry engineers. During each flight of an hour or more we collect several gigabytes of detail data using our E384 drone. We then create detail analytics using the Event 38 Drone Data Management SystemTM and forward it to BIOCEV and Norte Energia, the dam construction management company for review.”

“We are able to quickly create high precision information for timely decision making that contributes to better controls in a number of work areas. This has saved both time and money for BIOCEV. It is able to complete its work more quickly and accurately than traditional methods with one third of the engineers.

By being able to provide information almost real time and at a very detail level, engineers are demonstrating how drones can be effectively used to create both monetary savings and reduce environmental impacts.

About Bird Eye – BIRD EYE Drone Services, www.birdeye.com.br, located in Sete Lagoas / Minas Gerais, provides a wide range of custom services. They offer training, flight services, maintenance, and drone equipment to customers in the agriculture, construction, and surveying industries throughout Brazil. The company has partnered with Event 38 to provide its products throughout Brazil and South America. They can be contacted at +55 31 99903 4449 or [email protected]