Monday, October 25, 2021

ArcaBoard production and delivery start

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ARCA Space Corporation announces today that it started the production of the ArcaBoard, the world’s first commercially available hoverboard. The ArcaBoard will be produced in New Mexico. The deliveries will start in May to clients from China, France, Israel, Romania and United States.

There was another first for the ArcaBoard this month, as the product was presented to the press and public at Top Marques in Monaco in front of Prince Albert II of Monaco and Minister of State Serge Telle.

“The past months were amazing for ARCA Space Corporation, as the ArcaBoard was prepared for production. We couldn’t be happier knowing how fortunate we are to create and now ship the first true personal flying machine, the first hoverboard in history. A flying machine that will allow anyone to fly whenever and wherever they want. We are now leaving a mark upon the world, because from now on anyone can have a flying machine in their garage. It’s a history first. As a prediction, ArcaBoard opens a multi-billion-dollar hovering industry and we are sure that other companies will soon follow.” – Dumitru Popescu, ARCA Space Corporation, CEO

ArcaBoard is able to fly above any terrain, including snow and water. The maximum height that is limited by the onboard sensors, for safety reasons, is 20 inches (50cm). While the maximum speed is also limited to 12mph (20km/h). It can fly for 6 minutes and after that it needs to be recharged for one hour using the ArcaDock accessory, or to replace the battery. The ArcaBoard retail price is $14,900 and can be ordered on