UAV Factory record expansion.


Congratulations to the UAV Factory they are experiencing record growth.

Year-on-year first quarter sales have increased over 300%, the number of employees growing to 57, the Penguin range of products is being exported to 43 countries.

R&D and manufacturing facilities have moved to a new and more spacious location within a three minutes’ drive from Riga Airport. They have been successful in keeping up to 90% of production under the same roof, thus ensuring excellent product quality and reduction of lead-time.

The Octopus ISR Systems launch announcement two weeks ago attracted substantial media coverage. You can read about the announcement here.. sUAS News,

The UAV Factory is perhaps unique in the fixed wing sUAS world because of their test program. They continuously test Penguin C by flying two aircraft for up to 16 hours every working day In the first quarter of 2016 alone they flew for over 600 hours. The hours spent on testing the aircraft converts into an increased reliability for their customers.