Kickstarter C-mi in trouble…


Another staff pick, which to my mind confers some sort of approval. This one designed by rocket scientists apparently. Comments on their Kickstarter page would seem to imply that all is not well.

I don’t have shares in or even own a DJI anything but right now if you are looking to get into RPA I can’t see anything to beat bang for buck the Phantom 3. Especially as this C-mi that was due to land in December costs more.

People for goodness sake please stopping supporting wild claims on crowd funding sites. Find somebody with a platform you like the sound of and see it flying before investing hard earned cash.

The Kickstarter only just made the required amount 157 backers pledging $125,021 of the $125,000 required. I wonder if Kickstarter can check to see that nobody close to the project tipped it over the line.

C-mi (see-me) is the first camera drone designed with real world usability in mind.

  • Stowable: Its frame is designed to pack easily in a small case or backpack.
  • All-Weather: Its structure and built-in camera housing are designed for all weather use.
  • Integrated Flight and Camera Controller: C-mi’s digital user interface has been designed so that you can easily control the flyer, dynamically change the camera modes and view live video during flight, and directly share images and video – all from a single app.

C-mi evolved from our frustration that despite there being many small drones on the market, none of them combine all the features you need to make them easily usable. Either the drone is too big to easily store or the gimbaled camera mount is exposed, delicate and victim to the elements. As important, while some drones feature complex shot framing tools, they can’t show you live previews!

Even the most “integrated” systems require you to carry several different devices to set behavior and monitor live feed video. The dream of the perfect flying action camera becomes lost in multiple controllers, inability to easily check what you’re shooting and cumbersome equipment to lug to your filming site.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

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