InnoFlight announces Cerberus Triple Redundant Autopilot System


The advanced Jupiter JM-1 multicopter autopilot is now fully redundant with the release of the Cerberus Triple Redundant Autopilot Module by InnoFlight.

InnoFlight (INF), the leading manufacturer of flight control systems, UAV and stabilised camera gimbals in Taiwan today announced the release of the world first triple redundant Cerberus multicopter autopilot system. The company has over ten years’ experience in design and development of flight stabilised system for VTOL type aircrafts as well as over thirty years combined experienced in UAV operations.

We are very excited to announce the release of the Cerberus Triple Redundant autopilot system. Cerberus enable up to 5 standard Jupiter JM-1 flight controller and theirs built-in IMU’s, GPS, and Compasses to work together as a true triple redundant flight control system.

The Cerberus redundant autopilot system not only provides the obvious increase in safety but when comparing to a single Jupiter JM-1, our triple redundant system can process sensor data from all three Jupiter JM-1 thus greatly increase the accuracy and performance of the system.

The Cerberus enhanced redundant system not only enables redundancy among autopilot modules as a whole but also their internal sensors. As long as two Main Control Units and sensors from any module are functioning, the Cerberus would continue to provide normal flight control operations.

To understand the benefit of a true triple redundant system we can look at this simple example; if the reliability of a typical autopilot is 1/1000, then the reliability of the same autopilot in a triple redundant arrangement would be 1/1000 x 1/1000 = 1/1,000,000. If the same system is multiplied up to a quadruple redundant system, then the reliability will go up to 1/1 billion and so forth.

In fact, our Cerberus redundant system CAN bus technology can support up to 5 Jupiter JM-1 giving you unprecedented reliability never seen before.”

INF is expected to begin shipping the Cerberus in July of 2016. Customers can see the Cerberus fully functional prototype on display at NAB, and AUVSI this April/May.

To learn more about INF and Cerberus along with customised solutions, contact Ryan Vu (English language) by email, [email protected] or Jenny Wang (Chinese language), [email protected]. INF website at