Sky-Futures partners Keppel Offshore & Marine to provide Drone Inspection Services to the offshore and marine industry


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Sky-Futures, the leading provider of drone inspection services for the oil and gas industry is collaborating with Offshore Technology Development (OTD), a subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine, the world leader in rig design and construction, to offer inspection services by drone to the global offshore and marine industry. The partnership allows Sky-Futures to offer its drone inspection services to Keppel’s large and established client base in the industry, whilst Keppel provides its leading project management, engineering and repair expertise, which promises to deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers.

The partnership will provide clients in the Offshore and Marine sector with a step change in the way inspections – such as Dropped Object Surveys – can be performed on essential but hard to access parts of their vessels.

The use of Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) makes it possible to simultaneously improve safety, reduce cost – often by more than 80% – and obtain better quality inspection information. Combining this capability with OTD’s unrivalled engineering expertise and experience in the field of offshore drilling and support vessels means that clients are also assured of a swift analysis and resolution for any findings that could result from these inspections.

By bringing together the Health and Safety best practices from the oil and gas industry with the operational procedures from commercial aviation, Sky-Futures has built a track-record of safe and consistent operations that bring true value to clients in even the harshest of offshore environments. Sky-Futures uses sophisticated software to automate analysis of the HD Video, still and thermal data its drones gather, helping to identify potential problems on an asset. Clients can access the images and analysis through a cloud-hosted portal, together with expert input from OTD’s experienced engineers.

James Harrison, co-founder and CEO, Sky-Futures, said, ‘Partnering with Keppel allows us to deliver an extended service for our clients in the global offshore and marine industry. Keppel’s ability to follow through and provide engineering support for any problems that may be found through our drone delivered inspections, means that offshore and marine companies can operate more safely and with less disruption of their operations whilst still reducing cost levels. This partnership further demonstrates our commitment to delivering a leading and unique service for our clients worldwide.

Keppel spokesperson from OTD, said, “Through this partnership, we are able to further offer our customers value-added services in inspecting and assessing their vessels in a more expedient, cost-efficient and safer manner. These latest technologies will also equip our yard to provide enhanced services in the aftersales Inspection, Maintenance and Repair market.”