Operational altitude record for Sirius Pro


Congratulations to all at Mavinci, mapping at 4800m is never going to be easy. Take off altitude was 4150 m ASL. The flight was performed at BaSu County, ChangDu, Tibet. Setting a new altitude record for the platform.

The airframe is a modified Multiplex Mentor with MAVinci’s own autopilot.

The MAVinci Autopilot was completely developed by MAVinci. It enables the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle mavinciautopilot(UAV) to fly autonomously. It steers the UAV during launch, flight and landing.

Assisted Flying

The assisted flying mode is a half autonomous mode, in which the pilot is supported by the autopilot. The autopilot keeps the flight altitude automatically and the UAV stays in a predefined range to the pilot. In this mode it is impossible to crash the UAV, so that even totally untrained pilots are able to steer and land the plane.

Sensor Technology

The MAvinci Autopilot determines its attitude by means of an “Intertial Measurement Unit (IMU). This combination of various inertial sensors enables the detection of rotations, accelerations and declinations in three dimensional space.


  • Easy-to-use flight planning with advanced capabilities
  • Edit/create new flightplans virtually “on the fly”
  • Three modes of operation: Fully automatic, Assisted and Fully Manual control
  • Simple left/right up/down manual control in Assisted Mode
  • Integrated 9 DOF IMU

Hardware features

  • Integrated 9 DOF IMU
  • Requires about 4 watts power with all features enabled
  • 4 Hz GPS receiver
  • Single 8-30V supply voltage

Wireless Links

  • Dual long range and short range links to the UAV for up to 6 km direct line-of-sight communication (depending on legal requirements and local conditions)
  • Additional 2.4 GHz link for manual backup control


  • Temperature and voltage monitoring of all critical components to detect problems before failure
  • Manual Backup Control system is independent of Autopilot
  • Overload / short circuit protection: failure of sub systems (e.g. one servo) does not lead to failure of full system
  • Dual GPS receiver option
  • IMU works even without GPS
  • All failures will be reported to the ground station operator


Length: 84 mm
Width: 55 mm
Height: ca. 40 mm
Weight: 66 g for autopilot system (including power supply)
Only RC-Receiver and GPS Module (about 20g) is required in addition