New Regulations for “Drone Friendly” Cyprus

New Regulations for “Drone Friendly” Cyprus


Consulting companies 360iFly, PMC and the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation two year public private collaboration has resulted in new regulation of both recreational and commercial drone users in Cyprus. Regulations were enacted by Ministerial Decree November 2015 and are now subject of an education and awareness program being led by 360iFly with support from the authority.

The regulations are risk based and incorporate two drone user categories; open category (recreational) and special category (commercial). Each category has defined requirements with the special category being the more stringent.

Under the special category, administration of operating and pilot licensing has been divided. Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation are one, if not the only, authority in Europe to issue drone pilot licenses separate to operating permissions.

There a four types of operating permissions available each dependent upon the category of drone to be used and population densities over which they may be flown. In a similar manner, there a three types of drone pilot licenses relating to the three categories of drone.

Drone categories have been defined by level of risk under what is termed Complexity and Redundancy levels (CRL 1-3). The higher the degree of reliable pilot assistance and the higher the level of redundancy and emergency systems then the higher the population density over which such drone can operate.

360iFly and the authority are promoting Cyprus as a drone friendly place and an ideal destination to obtain training for recreational users and prospective commercial drone pilots. 360iFly are in discussion with other civil aviation authorities to gain recognition of the qualifications and Cyprus issued pilot licenses. Further details available at

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