Hexo+ Lowers Price


DJI’s aggressive pricing moves are starting to cause ripples, 3DR have dropped the price of the Solo dramatically and now one of the few crowd funded drones to actually make it to delivery follows suit. The Hexo+ actually offers a little more for your money. Slightly more redundancy with two more motors.

From their newsletter:-

In order to remain competitive and accessible to as many consumers as possible, we have decided to lower the price of Hexo+ today. The new price of Hexo+ will be $999USD, reduced from $1349.

Antoine Level our CEO commented that “after a successful launch as the first autonomous drone to the market and a growing stream of orders, it becomes necessary for us to revise our pricing structure, to be even more relevant in a very crowded space. We hope this will allow the opportunity for even more people to capture their sports and creative content using Hexo+.”

While we are reducing our prices, we will still maintain the same level of quality that has put Hexo+ on the map. We are proud to continue to deliver a unique autonomous system that includes hands-free piloting, fully automated take-off and landing, perfect framing, a library of camera movements, and our intuitive smartphone app, only at a better price. In addition, we are constantly innovating for the future and have a couple new product developments up our sleeves (teaser!) for release later this year.

For those of you who have already purchased and flown your own Hexo+ we are so stoked to have you be part of our Hexo+ aerial filming community. If you haven’t already done so, feel free to join the Facebook group, “Hexo+ Owners Group”, where you can interact with other Hexo+ owners and share tips and tricks for capturing the best aerial footage. We look forward to growing our community and enabling more consumers to elevate their creativity. Thanks for your support!

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