Drones for Delaware: Presentations and Live Indoor Flight Demonstrations


Join Delaware Technical Community College, drone pilots/professionals, and industry experts for presentations and live indoor drone flight demonstrations. This exciting event will inform attendees about the future and promise of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) or “drones” in Delaware. Witness the power of UAS technology and its potential and application in commerce, agriculture, government and consumer usage. Follow the event on social media #DronesForDelaware.

Mark Ryan and Kyle Ryan, of Ryan Media Lab, Inc. (RML), based in Lewes, Delaware, are inventors of a dynamic restraint system that physically controls drone flight from the ground, protecting the National Airspace System (NAS), people and property. RML has proven through flight and laboratory testing that its ATOM 4000™ (Aerial To Online Media) offers substantially greater safety protection during small UAS flight applications across a broad array of industries. RML will provide live indoor flight demonstrations and answer questions related to the future of drone technology and the use of drones in Delaware.

Guest expert speakers:
Jordan Bates, aviator, UAS pilot and expert, former NASA research consultant and develop lead, and adjunct instructor of aviation at Mountain Empire Community College, Wise, Virginia.

Shyam Chidamber, Ph.D., business executive, entrepreneur and educator; founding director of the Center for Information Technology and the Global Economy at American University; and “chief evangelist,” Flirtey Inc., a drone delivery service based in Reno, Nevada.

Christopher Quick, robotics engineer, founder and CEO of Realbotics, Inc., a company developing software and hardware to advance tele-robotics as a service, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.