CUMMING, GA– and are excited to announce that they have been appointed to an exclusive group of experts representing the new Zenmuse XT line of products. The Zenmuse XT is an aerial thermal imaging solution for commercial drones released by global drone giant, DJI and Flir, the industry leaders of thermal imaging technology. Atlanta Hobby and UAV Experts have worked closely with both companies for several years and will use their extensive knowledge to present the product to police departments, fire departments, home inspectors, and many other industries.

Cliff Whitney, owner of both Atlanta Hobby and UAV Experts recently stated,

“We have been using the Flir technology for several years, and the combination of the new DJI XT Gimbal & Flir system is exactly what is needed for aerial platforms. Take a moment and imagine a few a scenarios, a fire department having the ability to know where to safely walk on a roof of a fully engulfed home, and to see through the smoke, better preparing them for how to enter a home and safely rescue the people inside. A SWAT team tracking suspects on the run, even in the dead of night. A search and rescue team working to locate an Alzheimer patient that has wandered off, or locating missing persons after a natural disaster. With the XT we no longer have to imagine because the XT technology makes it a reality. We can safely perform all of these scenarios safely, effectively, and at a much lower cost.”

The Zenmuse XT is the ultimate solution for safe, rapid and reliable aerial thermal imaging. XT technology is equipped to capture images faster, with pinpoint precision over large areas, and then save the data for analysis and reporting. Available in either 640×512 or 336×256 resolutions, the Zenmuse XT has multiple lens options to make sure you’ll have the right combination of situational awareness, magnification, spot size, and area coverage to suit your mission requirements.

With the ability to easily attach to either the Inspire 1 or the Matrice 100 aerial platforms, the Zenmuse XT is able to launch quickly with seamless integration. This gives users complete access to key features including the powerful DJI Lightbridge HD video transmission system, automated Point of Interest, Course and Home Lock, Follow Me, and the DJI SDK for software developers. When attached to the Inspire 1, the Zenmuse XT works with incredible speed, efficiency and convenience for long flight times. The combination of the Zenmuse XT and the Matrice 100 can produces flight times of up to 35 minutes, which is ideal for large-scale inspections, and in search and rescue scenarios.

For more information on this technology please contact Cliff Whitney directly at (678) 513-4450 ext. 100 or [email protected]

For more information on the Zenmuse XT line please visit:

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