Daisy saves the corn: A children’s book about drones and how they help us.


Helpful drones are all around us – rescuing lost people, delivering supplies, surveying our fields and keeping our land healthy. Author Eileen Shibley, CEO of a company that designs and flies ‘drones for good’, has created a friendly character in Daisy the Drone that will help children 2-5 years of age to learn about our flying robot friends!

Daisy flies over fields and photographs the crops, helping farmers find the bugs that can harm the corn. With a cute story and relatable imagery – Daisy opens and shuts her ‘eyes’ to take photos – ‘Daisy Saves the Corn’ is a fun way to interest kids in an amazing new technology.

‘a cute and timely children’s book for today’s techno-world’ – Amazon reviewer


– the first children’s book about friendly everyday (nonmilitary) drones

– fully illustrated in colour by Jane Hinrichs

– will help interest children in an important new technology in a positive way

– Author is a mover and shaker in the drone world, speaking often at conferences and drone events


Eileen Shibley had a 30-year career with the Department of Defence before setting up her own company, Monarch Inc, to design drones and provide helpful drone services. Monarch’s drones are currently helping save California crops from drought, surveying mines and other cool things!

Publication date:

March 2016

POD via Amazon CreateSpace

ISBN No. 978-1522983491

Price: $11.39



Format 21.6 x 0.2 x 27.9 cm, Color

Contact: [email protected]


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