Columbia, Missouri- Today, the University of Missouri’s Journalism and Agriculture schools announced that they will require the Unmanned Safety Institute’s (USI) online safety awareness training as a prerequisite for students enrolled in the schools jointly run drone courses.  The effort is part of USI’s Ambassador program, of which the University of Missouri is a member, to promote the safe operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the national airspace.   USI’s online safety awareness program is focused on UAS ground and flight safety concepts for small UAS operators and serves as a precursor for the organization’s more advanced training programs.

“USI provides an outstanding educational experience. Their curriculum is fast-paced, challenging, and exhilarating”, said Rick Shaw, photojournalism professor and director of the drone courses. “The result for our students will be a new plateau of understanding and appreciation for UAS flight applications.”

Missouri’s drone journalism and agriculture program has been offered since 2013 and is provided to students who may pursue careers that utilize UAS as resource, though may not have an aviation background.

USI is a professional organization focused on UAS flight safety standards and training through the adoption and modification of time-honored aviation safety and training practices.  The Institute achieves its mission by focusing on three key tenets: human factors, technology reliability, and building safe organizations.  USI training programs are offered to UAS operators of all levels and its personnel are recognized as building one of the first nationally-accredited collegiate UAS programs. USI is also responsible for developing the first and only commercial UAS certification standard recognized in the aviation insurance industry as it is a member of Global Aerospace’s SM4 Safety Initiative.

To request more information visit UnmannedSafetyInstitute.org, or e-mail directly at [email protected].

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