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Fly Ag Tech – the first FAA-Approved Ag Drone Network


FLY AG TECH, the new agricultural drone company is bringing the discussion of drone use in precision farming to the forefront. Fly Ag Tech has the only FAA-approved agricultural drone network in the US. This network allows farmers, agronomists, and UAS operators to effectively collaborate and provide precision mapping services to growers nation-wide.

“What we offer is unprecedented in the industry. Never before have producers had the ability to get aerial imagery on demand like this. Our operators not only fly your farm, but they pull soil samples as well,” said Casey Adams, the company’s founder. “This creates a profile for your land so that you have a full understanding of what is happening from the ground and from the air. No other organization in the country can do what Fly Ag Tech is doing. Any farm, Anywhere, Any time.”

As an independently owned company, Fly Ag Tech allows anyone who uses their services to own their own data, a game changer for most farm operations, which don’t typically have access to their farm’s data.

Fly Ag Tech offers farm operations flexible flight packages that include between 2 and 6 flights during a growing season, agronomist consultations, stand counts, variable rate prescription maps to calculate how much and where to apply chemical and pest detection flights.

Scott Jackman, 22-year veteran pilot and one of the company’s officers, said this about the way drones have revolutionized the precision ag industry:

“Drones and remote sensing tools allow the producer to combine seeding rate and yield rate with drone produced emergent rate, variable rate nitrogen prescription, and canopy height. The producer is able to analyze the field across the entire growing season to make production decisions for next year.”

Fly Ag Tech also offers licensed pilots the opportunity to join their FAA-approved network and build a business of their own.

Casey and Scott host a monthly educational webinar series. The next webinar date is March 10. Please register for the webinar here.

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