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bizUAS to sponsor DroneDeploy Precision Subscription Plan


bizUAS corp is proud to sponsor DroneDeploy’s cloud-based photogrammetry post-processing and streaming technology. Effective immediately, current and future customers of bizUAS can purchase bizUAS’ turn-key industrial-grade UAS solutions with DroneDeploy Precision license as a specially-priced package.

The plan is offered on a 12-months basis. It takes the pain and capital expense out of post-processing and analyzing geo-spacial imagery. With minimal expertise, effort, and without the need for expensive computing equipment, the user simply uploads images and flight meta-data to the cloud where it is processed immediately by DroneDeploy’s network of high-powered servers. Only a short time later, the results can be viewed as a two-dimensional orthomosaic map, Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Surface Model (DSM), or 3D mesh — the latter interactively from any perspective. While viewing and analyzing the data, the user does not have to wait until all of these big data sets are downloaded (as currently is the case with most cloud storage applications) but immediately sees a coarse picture that is gradually filled in with minute detail as the data is streamed in the background to the user’s workstation (similar to Google Earth where the focal point becomes more and more detailed). In work mode, distances, surface areas, volumetric measurements can easily be performed and analyzed and annotations be made. Points of interest can be geo-located within inches by merely the click of a mouse button.

For those who require additional functionality or prefer to do their own post-processing, bizUAS’ flight meta-data is compatible with Pix4D and other photogrammetry software platforms

For more information, please visit www.bizUAS.com or email [email protected] for pricing details.

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