Unmammed Experts partners with Innovative Plant Consulting to bring drone inspections to the oil and gas sector


Building on its unique experiences within the growing U.S. Critical Infrastructure Inspection (CII) market, Unmanned Experts has partnered with Louisiana-based Innovative Plant Consulting (IPC) to provide drone inspection and data analysis to the Gulf Region’s Oil and Gas sector.

The high tempo, high temperature operations of most petrochemical firms come with significant safety and inspection requirements. Unmanned Aircraft have been used extensively around the world for difficult and dangerous jobs to access surveys both on and off shore for the past 5 years. With the advent of the FAA’s Section 333 Exemption system, US-based oil & gas firms can now benefit from the time, cost, and safety advantages that industrial grade UAVs and sensors can provide.

With IPC’s extensive experience in non-destructive testing and Inspections governed by the American Petroleum Institute that include the evaluation of flare-tips, pipelines, structures and vessels, they are ideally suited to interpret and evaluate sensor data from remotely piloted drones. Unmanned Experts’ team of trained and qualified CII pilots, with their fleet of industrial Small UAS, can provide that imagery in several spectra, faster, safer and at considerable cost savings to the end user.

The UMEX-IPC partnership will commence work immediately with a project to review flare-stacks in the US. Should you have any requirements for this unique skill-set combination, please use the contact information below. Fly Safe!

Unmanned Experts Inc. ( is a Colorado Corporation providing world class UAS training, Consultancy and Managed Services. Our Team of professionals has over 25,000 flying hours on UAS platforms and over 35,000 flying hours on manned aircraft.

Unmanned Experts is staffed by UAS and Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) pilots, operators and maintainers as Unmanned Experts well as specialists with expertise in all areas of unmanned operations, providing dependable; approachable and affordable mentorship in the UAS sector.

Innovative Plant Consulting LLC ( is an inspection/consulting company based out of Amite, Louisiana. Our team specializes in oil and gas 3rd party inspections and NDE (Non Destructive Examination) including but limited to turnaround inspections, on stream inspections, and inspection data management solutions. With our extensive petrochemical inspection experience, the partnering of IPC and UMEX forms an outstanding team of two leaders in their respected fields.

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