Africa Delivery Drones

Africa:- Mobisol consider using customer roofs to charge delivery drones.


Hummm on so many levels. But lets bring it back to the most basic. Its going to take along time to charge each multirotor back up on those rooftops. In that time the weather might change. East Africa experiences long periods of rains, you can’t let your multi sit on the roof for those and the sun goes away…. Each charging point would need to be upgraded to allow the consumer to continue receiving their power whilst waiting charging the drone.

Oh I could go on but….

On the positive side, great to see the solar units being assembled in country.

Access to energy will change the lives of the rural off-grid population dramatically. Mobisol is testing its solar-charging drone infrastructure across East Africa.

Mobisol’s Solar Air Distribution has the potential to leapfrog a whole road-based distribution development step, since infrastructure in rural Africa is basically not existing and transport cost per km are much more expensive than in the western world.

The operation is carbon free, powered by the sun and creates decentralized income/wealth.

Mobisol tests solar powered Drone Delivery Network (DDN) from Mobisol on Vimeo.


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