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3D Measurement Without Software

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Did you know you can measure in 3D without any software?

4DMapper’s measurement tools enable points, lines, areas and volumes to be measured with a simple browser interface. Drag, drop and upload your 3D data to 4DMapper and you’re away.

Your cumbersome files (DTMs, orthophotos, pointclouds, shapefiles & asset data) become immediately accessible, streaming in 3D to your browser. You can share this capable workspace with whoever you choose, on their browser or mobile device.

  • Measure 3D points, lines, areas and volumes
  • export (digitize) these markups as 3D dxf or csv
  • Collaborate “live”, seeing each other’s work in real time.

Mine surveyors are using 4DMapper instead of their regular desktop software to measure stockpile volumes as they can view the defining polygon in 3D to best position it’s vertices. Then, 4DMapper creates a TIN between these points that models the surface below the stockpile in order to determine it’s volume.

Crowd sourcing of multiple CAD operators to 3D digitise massive projects is now possible as each operator can see the others’ work, in real time. They can create layers, select colours and create point, line and area features to export to dxf or csv. This is only possible by having the data “enabled” on the cloud.

Add value to your projects, empower your clients and win that next contract.

Visit for details. There is now a smaller, cheaper plan for small UAV operators at $25/mo with all of the full functionality of 4DMapper

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