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North Shields firm launches region’s first drone pilot training school


A North Shields company has launched the region’s first drone pilot training school – and is already expanding the service to other parts of the country.

Heliguy – which sells radio-controlled drones, repairs aircraft and custom builds specialist multi-rotors for commercial operators – has been awarded National Qualified Entity (NQE) Status by the Civil Aviation Authority.

This means it is authorised to train those flying drones for business use.

So far, the firm – the only one in the North to offer the service directly – has run three courses at its Orion Business Park headquarters, as well as one in Manchester.

Next week, it will be expanding into Reading, after which it will host a course in each location once a month.

Training manager Dan Wilson said: “Unmanned aerial vehicles have to fit into crowded UK Airspace even if they’re flying just a few feet above the ground.

“That means they have to comply with the rules of the air. They certainly can’t fly any higher than 400 feet or further than 500 metres from the pilot.

“There are also strict rules about how close you can fly to buildings, vehicles and people.

“We teach you everything you need to know to be a confident, safe and legal commercial drone pilot.”

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