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sUAS News STE(A)M Grant 2016


sUAS News has always believed in giving back to the community, and what better way  to support the community and its future than offering a STE(A)M Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art) and Mathematics outreach grant of $1000? 

Here’s how it works: prospective grant recipients will be required to write a proposal detailing their concept on how to best utilize the grant. The concept proposal should include information on the how, what and when the grant would be put to use.

The proposals will be published on the sUAS News website with the deadline for entry being March 31, 2015. Winners will be selected on their program merits by popular vote of sUAS News site readers. The winner will be announced at the 2016 Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition in San Francisco on April 27, 28, 29, 2016!!

This grant is open to anyone, anywhere in the world and applicants need not be present to win.

Contact [email protected] with your submissions.

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